As your trusted aluminium window suppliers, we have a wide range of window frame options to choose from including commercial aluminium windows at a great array of aluminium window prices. Let us know your budget and the size and colour you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to make sure you get what you need within your budget. We also offer window frames in different materials like steel and wood to compare too.

We are here to serve industries in South Africa. We supply aluminium and wooden doors and windows.

Our dedicated team has provided personalised attention to a wide range of clients including contractors, re-sellers, and private buyers. We are looking forward to serving our customers well into the future by constantly seeking new products and ways to improve our service.

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Aluminium has become a very popular choice for window frames in recent years. Aluminium windows are affordable to install for the high-quality product you are buying; they are strong, long-lasting and offer a beautiful finish to any home or residential build. Aluminium frames for windows are also a popular choice because they require little to no maintenance, and only need to be kept clean to keep them looking brand new.